Weight Loss Video

Elizabeth Bradley clinical exercise physiologist Elizabeth Bradley, MS,
Clinical Exercise

Ali Porter registered dietitian Ali Porter, MS, LDN,
Registered Dietitian

Road Map to Weight Loss

Presented by
Elizabeth Bradley, MS, and
Ali Porter, MS, LDN
May 2014




Most of us, at one point or another, have tried to shed a few pounds.  For some, that means cutting out desserts or other goodies, but for others, it means a lifetime of fad diets and roller-coaster weight loss and gain.  In the end, it all comes down to calories.  If you take in fewer than you use, you will lose weight (unless there is something medically interfering with this process). 

 In this video, one of our dietitians and exercise physiologists discuss some tools that can help you take control of your weight with the right combination of diet and exercise.  Let them help you find the right road to get you started toward your weight loss goal.

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