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Dr. Patrick McEnaney Dr. Patrick McEnaney,
General Surgeon

Dr. Ajay BatraDr. Ajay Batra,

Is It Acid Reflux…Or Something Else?

Presented by:
Dr. Patrick McEnaney
Dr. Ajay Batra
October 2012

Have you been diagnosed with, or think you have acid reflux? While acid reflux (or GERD) can cause symptoms, including heartburn, cough, chest pain, hoarseness and difficulty swallowing, these symptoms can be caused by something quite different. In this lecture, gastroenterologist Ajay Batra, MD, discusses the signs and symptoms of acid reflux, tests that can identify or rule out GERD and non-surgical ways to treat true acid reflux. For those whose acid reflux is not resolved by taking medications, or for those who find medications helpful but don’t want to take them long-term, surgeon Patrick McEnaney, MD, discusses surgical options to treat the condition.

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