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Dr. William Shine

Stress Testing for Heart Disease

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Dr. William Shine
March 2012

The most commonly performed stress test is the exercise stress test, but there are several other types of stress tests that can be done to find specific heart abnormalities and assess treatment. Dr. Shine discusses stress tests, signs and symptoms that would warrant the need for a stress test and the different types of stress tests and what they look for.

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Cardiovascular Disease - Prevention

We recommend keeping it simple...

Stop Smoking Do anything and everything you can to quit smoking.

Exercise Start by taking a five- or ten-minute walk every day. When you know you can do that consistently, add on a few minutes. When you get up to 30 minutes, try walking just a little faster.

Diet Eliminate just 100 calories a day, every day. You will lose 10 pounds in a year! Eat one more serving of a fruit or vegetable a day.

Stress Lower your stress level. Try scheduling just ten minutes a day to sit quietly or do something you enjoy.

Don’t become overwhelmed with the task of heart health. Do what you can every day.

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