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Dr. KathrynLee-WilliamSweet,NP-DarleneVittori,NP

Getting Through the Adolescent Years – A Parent’s Guide

Presented by:
Dr. Kathryn Lee
Darlene Vittori-Marsell, PNP, BC
William Sweet, RN, MSN, C-PNP
October 2012

In this program, parents hear from three experts in adolescent health - physician, Kathryn Lee, MD, and certified pediatric nurse practitioners, Darlene Vittori-Marsell and William Sweet.

Dr. Lee discusses new recommendations for vaccines, including dispelling myths and addressing the controversies surrounding the HPV vaccine. She also discusses other vaccines including the meningitis booster. Darlene discusses how to enhance communication with your teen with great tips on what to say, how to say it and even how to start a conversation with your teen. She gives some tips not only to help you communicate better with your teen, but also on how to help them communicate better with you! Since “adolescence” is not just about girls, Bill will discuss stress in boys and how it may effect their mood, including signs to look for and how to help.

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