Weight Loss/Bariatric Surgery Patient Stories

Ed Ross weight loss surgery patientVertical Sleeve Surgery (Ed) video
Tipping the scales at 385 pounds, Ed’s decision to have weight loss surgery at Milford Regional came from an uncertain future if he continued on with high blood pressure and constant migraines. Today, Ed is an energetic 186 pounds and his health concerns are a thing of the past. View video.

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Weight Loss Surgery Stories

Kelli Beschi is a weight loss surgery patientVertical Sleeve Surgery
At 284 pounds, Kelli couldn't climb a flight of stairs or walk a quarter mile without huffing and puffing. Since the excess weight would put pressure on her joints, her knees and feet would swell and cause pain. After undergoing vertical sleeve gastrectomy, Kelli runs 5K races! Her borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now perfect. Read Kelli's story.

Other Weight Loss Surgery Stories

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