Robotic Surgery Patient Stories


Kathleen Donato robotic colectomy patientKathleen will never forget what it was like in the early days of her colon cancer diagnosis. Although she tried to act upbeat, it was as if a fog had descended over her world. She credits Patrick McEnaney, MD with saving her life. He performed a minimally-invasive robotic colectomy to remove a portion of her colon. After only three weeks, Kathleen resumed working from home as a travel agent. Read Kathleen's story.


Holly Collette robotic hysterectomy patientBefore her hysterectomy, Holly says that her life revolved around her periods. She coped with severe pain and heavy bleeding, eventually bothering her on a daily basis. After the surgery, she felt like she had a normal life again. Read Holly's story.

Kathleen Morissey robotic hysterectomy patient

Kathleen loves cycling on the Blackstone River Bikeway, but her heavy menstrual bleeding caused her to give up the hobby. After undergoing a few different treatments, Kathleen decided it was time for a hysterectomy and she chose to have it done robotically. Kathleen had experienced open abdominal surgery three times and wasn't looking forward to another long recovery. She was home by 5 p.m. the day of surgery and recalls that she was back on her feet and not taking anything stronger than Tylenol within two days. She went back to work in a week and a half! Read Kathleen's story.

Linda Mozeak robotic hysterectomy patientLinda Mozeak led a very active lifestyle until one day, without warning, the slightest strenuous activity would cause Linda to have excessive bleeding between menstrual cycles. A few doctors told her it was likely pre-menopause. A new doctor diagnosed her with a tumor in her cervix and referred her to Dr. Brian Clark, a pioneer in robotic surgery. Dr. Clark performed a single-site robotic hysterectomy. She chose this type of surgery because of the much faster recovery time. Now, Linda is back to doing the things she loves including running and cycling. Read Linda’s story.

Prostate Cancer Surgery

Ron William robotic prostate cancer surgery patientRon was diagnosed with early stage (low risk) prostate cancer. The good news is that he had options. In addition to radiation, brachytherapy and watchful waiting, Ron was a good candidate for a radical prostatectomy, a surgical procedure to remove the prostate gland. Ron got a second opinion and did his own research on-line, and he chose to have the robotic radical prostatectomy. The surgery went well and Ron is back to enjoying an active lifestyle. Read Ron’s story.

Weight Loss Surgery

James Boucher robotic weight loss surgery patientTipping the scales at 413 pounds, James had health concerns and lifestyle limitations. After researching the vertical sleeve gastrectomy at the recommendation of his primary care doctor, James decided this was a better option than all of the ineffective diets he had attempted in the past. Since the surgery he has shed over 190 pounds, gone off his medications and loves taking 25-mile bike rides! Read James' story.

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