In Their Own Words


Patients tell it like it is, which is why the stories presented here are so valuable to you. We go to our patients frequently and ask if they are willing to share their healthcare story. Many agree because they hope their story might help someone else facing a similar situation.  There is power in knowledge and we believe there is much to be learned by all of us through the stories they tell.

We want to give special thanks to all the patients presented here.  Your willingness to share your healthcare stories has made a difference in the lives of many who have read them. We can attest to that.

The stories that have been written by Milford Regional staff and contracted writers are organized by specialty in the left column.  In addition to these stories, we have patients who have shared their story on their own and these stories can be seen below.

Jennifer LaTour
Whitinsville, MA
January, 2019

My son, now 4 1/2 years old, started going to the feeding clinic with Michelle in the fall of 2017. At that time he was eating less than 5 solid foods and pretty much on a liquid supplement diet. He met weekly for about 6 months and and at the time of discharge, there were so many foods that he was eating and nothing that he was not willing to try. The oral sensory problems and anxiety that he associated with eating had resolved and eating became enjoyable for him. It wasn't a chore anymore. Going to the feeding clinic with Michelle, trusting the process and repeating what was learned at home was in all honesty, life changing for my son and our family. I will be forever grateful.

Michelle Ahl
Millis, MA
December, 2018

I was a patient on Sunday 12/9 for a diabetic emergency. I am a staff member of this great hospital and it made me realize how lucky I am to be able to work with such great people. The care that I received was so great my nurse Misty was awesome Dr. Siraco was great paramedic Brenda was great just wanted to thank all you guys for all you do.

Jamie Berenson
Sudbury, MA
November, 2018

My daughter as well as myself would not be where we are without Michelle Skeldon. We started our relationship with Michelle at Childrens Hospital early on when my daughter, Halle was 5 months old. I was a scared mother wondering if my child will ever be able to eat since she had a feeding tube since birth and the future was unknown with regard to her nerves and oral motor strength. Michelle is kind, patient, knowledgable and safe at every treatment. She left Childrens and we followed her to Milford Regional Medical Center a year ago. At that point, my daughter was 2 yrs old and getting ready to start preschool. After three treatments with Michelle, she picked up a spoon and fed herself independently puree. I trust her completely with the care of my child. Michelle has played an enormous role with halle's development. At this point, Halle no longer has a feeding tube and we are now working on eating solids. Michelle's encouragement and dedication will stay with me forever.

Trina Luczkow
Uxbridge, MA
October, 2017

My Mother, Florence Van Note was admitted to Gannett the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 17 for CHF. I would like to take a moment to share my thanks to those involved in her care. There is a tall young man (CNA) on Gannett who is attending nursing school and from what I observed would be an asset to Milford when he completes his education. The nurses who cared for my Mom were phenomenal, caring, and patient. It was necessary to have the very difficult discussion of end of life, expectation, and wishes on my Mom's part. Dr Anthony Wilson facilitated the discussion. Although admittedly as difficult as anticipated, we will forever be grateful to him for how he patiently, but directly, explained my Mom's condition to her and to us in a way she was able to understand and make decisions based on good judgement. ED staff, Hospitalists, Dietary, everyone was so attentive and kind. My continued thanks for having such a fine hospital as Milford to serve our community.

Susan Dewsnap
Franklin, MA
October, 2017
Today I was at Milford Regional for my first preventative Colonoscopy. Fortunately, as a healthy 50 year old, this was my first procedure involving anesthesia since having my tonsils removed at age 6. I was more nervous than I expected to be. Every staff member that I encountered today was helpful, compassionate and highly competent. There was excellent communication about the procedure, what to expect, how things would progress, etc. Thank you to everyone on the 3rd floor of the Hill Building for making me comfortable and providing such good care. That's a great team!

Bruce Doucette
Franklin, MA
August, 2017
I would like to take a moment to thank all of the Nurses and CNA's as well as all the staff from ER to Admissions that attended to me while I was hospitalized recently. Words cannot express my gratitude for all the staff at Milford Regional Hospital with the great care that was given to me. Compassion & genuine care did not go unnoticed. You are all the epitome of what excellent health care providers should be. Although there are many Nurses and CNA's that gave me the utmost care. over my week long stay I'd like to mention a few like Joss, Hannah,Tish,Lauren,Ally Lindsay. You all took great care of me. I know there were were other staff and nurses that assisted as well. I don't want to miss anyone. I'm sending my heartfelt Thank you to all. Sincerely, Bruce M Doucette Patient Room 124 Gannett

Neal Pearlman
Hopedale, MA
April, 2017
I wanted to take a moment to share our experience at the Out Patient lab at MRMC. This morning we had to bring our 11 year old son in for blood work. This is no easy task as he holds multiple diagnoses including severe anxiety. The phlebotomist that came to draw his blood was nothing short of wonderful. She came into the room smiling and immediately engaged him in conversation. She could clearly tell he was terrified and did everything she could to assure him he was safe and capable in having his blood drawn. She drew his blood quickly while keeping him engaged in conversation. He left with his head held high proud to have conquered one of his biggest fears. We cannot thank you enough Stephanie Howard. For children that struggle with invisible disabilities professionals like the ones we met this morning are a lifeline. We will continue to use the OPL at MRMC moving forward. Thank you all for the support, kindness and respect you showed our son this morning.

Edward Albertian
Hopkinton, MA
August, 2016
Found myself unable to stand up as the room was spinning uncontrollably at 3AM this AM. I was about to shower for a 5:30AM flight to DC but my wife called the ambulance and there I met Dr. Hopkins. Calm, great bed manner, sensitive and a very good listener. Within minutes after checking my vitals and conferring with the ambulance crew, Dr. Hopkins felt my condition mimicked the symptoms of Benign Positional Vertigo. After about 2 hours, I started to feel better and just can't say enough about Dr. Hopkins, he was sensational in every regard. If you have an emergency, if you want to be in the company of competence and sensitivity, Dr. Hopkins is A#1. I was sent home about 8 hours after arriving and felt like a totally different person; motor skills, ideas for what to look for going forward and what to expect in the way of a full recovery were well documented. Life is funny, when thrown a curve ball you get to meet wonderful human beings; Dr. Hopkins is one of those rare individuals.

Gina Padula
Bellingham, MA

April, 2016
I was admitted into the hospital on a Wednesday for a scheduled induction. On Thursday evening I was not progressing and my Dr. wanted to roll me down for a c-section. I was really nervous and in tears about the thought. A nurse by the name of Christine would now be attending to me until 11:00pm. Christine knew that I was very upset. She said that there were plenty of things that we could try before throwing in the towel. Christine and my husband had me up on the bed on all fours while she held the Doppler underneath my stomach. I dilated from a 5 to 10 in a half hour. I was in pain and shaking and Christine was completely determined to get me where I needed to be. My Dr. came back in the room for one last internal exam, she was very surprised. I pushed for 45 minutes and had a beautiful baby boy. We were lucky to have had Christine come in when she did. I really hope that she will be recognized for her dedication and hard work that she put into my delivery.

Thomas Wood
Uxbridge, MA

September, 2014
My aunt was brought to the emergency room by ambulance in a cardiac arrest and did not survive. I am writing this to say what a wonderful job the Nurse Liaison, Linda or Lynn M did in assisting the family in coping with the situation. She was comforting, informative and available for all of the family members who eventually came to the emergency room escorting them to the room to pay last respects. As not only a family member, I appreciated her assistance and am proud to say I am also a co-worker as an employee of MRMC. 

Nancy Russo
Hopedale, MA

August, 2014
In 2010 I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disease. While being checked for that at Brigham and Women's, I was having chest pains and was sent to the ER for a scan thinking there was a leak in my aorta. It was then my lung cancer was found. My primary was notified and I received a call from Dr. Ciaran McNamee. This was February of 2011. Immediately I was put at ease. I was seen quickly and soon had my surgery. I had just recently lost my mother in 2010 and my father passed the day after my cancer surgery. The whole staff was so wonderful. They were so caring and sympathetic to my cancer and my father passing. I now have been a volunteer for a little over two years at Milford Regional. I am a Compassionate Companion. I run errands as well as volunteer at the Cancer Center whenever possible. To be able to give back to the hospital and its patients for all the care and support I received has been a blessing from God.

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