Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Chaplains of the pastoral care department are available for patients of all faiths and are on-site at Milford Regional Monday through Friday. 

  • Lay ministers offer Communion six days a week 
  • Priests are available on-call to provide Sacraments of the Sick
  • Ministers, rabbis and other spiritual leaders are available on-call and can be contacted through the pastoral care department
  • If you would like a visit from a chaplain, call the pastoral care department at extension 2797.  Please indicate your name, room number and any specific request. 
  • If you would like Sacraments of the Sick, please ask your nurse to contact the priest on-call.

We have a small chapel in the Medical Center located on the ground level, to the right of the switchboard operators in the main lobby of the hospital. All visitors and patients are welcome.

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