Women's Diagnostics

Your team at Milford Regional recognizes that your health is based on an accurate diagnosis when symptoms appear. For that reason, we often invest in the very latest diagnostic equipment to ensure you receive the best treatment plan based upon an accurate and timely diagnosis. Milford Regional has a strong reputation as one of the region’s leaders in providing tested, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to our community. 

In the Women’s Pavilion we offer several types of imaging exams used to detect and diagnose women’s health concerns.


Milford Regional has recently invested in the most advanced technology in mammography. 3D mammography, also known as tomosynthesis, is a diagnostic and screening tool that allows radiologists to view your breast in multiple layers or slices creating a 3D image. 3D mammography compliments the 2D digital mammography and is performed at the same time.

Milford Regional has been performing digital mammograms for years but with the addition of tomosynthesis and brand new, upgraded digital equipment, we are able to provide the radiologist with much better visibility of breast tissue. The result is greater accuracy in finding breast cancer at its earliest stage as well as reducing call backs for another test when the radiologist wants a second look.

With convenient morning, evening and weekend hours, mammograms can be scheduled to fit your schedule! Remember, screening mammograms do not need a physician referral. Learn more about our mammography services.

Breast Biopsy

Breast biopsy technology continues to advance dramatically and The Women’s Pavilion team is dedicated to the most accurate and least invasive technology available. While we still offer needle localization and core biopsies where they are indicated, we increasingly offer stereotactic breast biopsies (the least invasive option that can accurately diagnose breast cancer at its earliest – and most treatable – stages). We also offer MRI-guided breast biopsy if the radiologist determines it is the best option. These biopsy methods minimize the need for more invasive surgical procedures.

Learn more about breast biopsy.


Imagine viewing your yet-to-be-born baby as though he/she is being held in your arms! 4D (or real-time 3D) images such as these are now possible at The Women’s Pavilion through the very latest in ultrasound technology. Ultrasound serves as a diagnostic tool for obstetric, pelvic, uterine, ovarian, breast, abdominal and bladder areas. The unprecedented image quality and sensitivity of 3D/4D ultrasound helps visualize abnormalities sooner, leading to earlier detection and treatment for patients.

Learn more about our ultrasound services.

Bone Densitometry

The very latest in bone mineral densitometry helps women alleviate the risk of osteoporosis with early recognition of its risk factors and proactive treatment. The superior speed and precision with low radiation levels distinguish the technology employed by the Women's Pavilion.

Learn more about our bone densitometry services.

Urodynamic Testing

The Women's Pavilion is making important strides in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence. Early screening and diagnosis can eliminate years of frustration, embarrassment and the possibility of major surgery. Screening appointments can be scheduled within a week.

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Patients should call to pre-register up to two weeks in advance for any scheduled surgery and out-patient appointment including most diagnostic tests, lab work and pre-operative testing. This eliminates the need to wait for an admissions representative upon arrival. Patients can go directly to their point of service. Admissions representatives are available to take calls from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

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