Joni Brown is our director of rehabilitation and sports medicineJoni Brown, MBA, PT Director,
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

“With The Breast Center, there is a more  systematic, coordinated effort among the treatment team to get women into  physical therapy before there is a problem.”

Physical Therapy Video Lecture

Joni Brown lecture on side effects of breast surgeryManaging the Side Effects of Breast Surgery

Breast Health - Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy plays a significant role in maintaining upper extremity mobility as well as the prevention and treatment of a condition called lymphedema. Lymphedema is a fluid buildup that can occur when lymph nodes are removed or damaged as a result of surgery.

With the breast center team approach, more patients are referred to physical therapy soon after surgery before a problem develops. Breast cancer patients are given activity guidelines and a list of exercises to do at home to prevent problems such as lymphedema or frozen shoulder from occurring.

We have 4 certified lymphedema therapists on our staff that provides specific therapy to meet each patient’s individual needs.

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Patient Story

Joan developed lymphedema after breast surgery but was treated by our physical therapistsCancer - Physical Therapy

When Joan noticed a tightness across her elbow and shoulder at her first treatment after breast surgery, she was quickly referred to the physical  therapists at Milford Regional.  Read Joan's story.

Patient Story

Patricia Shea lymphadema patientLymphedema Therapy

For 20 years, Patricia Shea struggled with a swollen right arm that was almost as big as her leg. Embarrassed, she rarely went anywhere other than work; that is, until she received therapy from a certified lymphedema specialist at Milford Regional's Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. Read Patricia's story.

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