Dr. Mark Mangano

Mark Mangano,MD,

“The Breast Center allows us to communicate to all  specialties about the diagnosis under one roof… It’s a better, more efficient  way of communicating between treating physicians. It speeds up the treatment plan.”

Breast Health - Pathology

The pathologist is the one member of The Breast Center team  that patients may never meet during diagnosis and/or treatment for breast  cancer. These specialized physicians  play a crucial role in determining how a patient’s disease is treated, and are  an integral member of The Breast Center team at Milford Regional.

Pathologists examine tissue to determine if there are  cancer cells present. Although  pathologists have always examined breast tissue at Milford Regional, The Breast  Center makes communicating pathology findings easier and more streamlined. During bi-weekly breast conferences and  special tumor board meetings, the entire team meets to discuss individual  patient cases. The Breast   Center allows the  pathologist to ask all of the treating doctors what information they may need,  and in turn, all of the treating doctors can hear the answers and formulate a  consensus treatment plan. The Breast Center facilitates  continual communication among the team members which accelerates the treatment  process.

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