FreshStart Online Information Session

Watching our weight loss surgery information session is a requirement of the program. It is very important that you watch the entire video so that you will be fully informed and your questions will be answered. If you have any questions or concerns about our online information session, please call Karen at 508-422-2474.

Once you have completed watching the video, we ask that you fill out a short form on this page including your name, height, weight, date of birth and contact information, and to attest to the fact that you have watched the complete video. Please hit the submit button. Once we receive this information, you will be contacted within 5 business days, by someone from our Weight Loss Surgery Center to make your first appointment.

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Next Steps to Make Your First Appointment

After watching the video, please fill out the form below and submit it to us.

Also, print these two additional forms and fill them out completely prior to your first appointment. There is information you will need to gather from your insurance company as well as your primary care physician and other providers.

Patient Stories

Kelli Beschi is a weight loss surgery patientVertical Sleeve Surgery
When Kelli weighed 284 pounds, she couldn't climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. Her excess weight put pressure on her joints causing swelling and pain. After undergoing vertical sleeve gastrectomy, Kelli runs 5K races! Her borderline blood pressure and cholesterol are now perfect. Read Kelli's story.

michelle weight loss surgery patientVertical Sleeve Surgery
At 325 pounds, Michelle could not walk from the parking lot to the employee entrance at work without stopping at least four times to catch her breath. Now, Michelle walks regularly and lives an active lifestyle. Her sleep apnea, high cholesterol and diabetes have disappeared. Read Michelle's story.

Janice LeVallee gastric bypass surgery patient

Gastric Bypass Surgery
Before having weight loss surgery Janice felt tired all the time and was on numerous medications. Today, Janice is 125 pounds thinner, off her medications and has “more energy than she knows what to do with.” Read Janice’s story.

David Eckbold vertical sleeve surgery patient

Vertical Sleeve Surgery
At 288 pounds, David’s long-term health and how it could affect his family was his incentive to have weight loss surgery. Just five weeks after surgery, David lost 40 pounds and was off his medications. Read David’s story.

James Boucher robotic verticle sleeve surgery

Robotic Vertical Sleeve
Tipping the scales at 413 pounds, James had health concerns and lifestyle limitations. Since the surgery he has shed over 190 pounds, gone off his medications and loves taking 25-mile bike rides! Read James's story.

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