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Kaleb Deweerd pediatric rehab patientPediatric PT and OT

Kaleb's mother recalls how her son's Down syndrome used to affect him. He would lie down from fatigue in the middle of meals. After physical and occupational therapy at Milford Rehab in Northbridge, nothing seems to hold him back! Read Kaleb's story.

Hope Rafig is a speech pathology patientPediatric Chewing and Swallowing Issues

Hope Rafig couldn't chew foods that other toddlers crunched easily so meals became stressful. Hope was cared for at Milford Regional's Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine in Milford where pediatric feeding and swallowing treatment is offered. Read Hope's story.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

Milford Regional offers pediatric rehabilitation services at our sites in Milford, Franklin and Northbridge for children from birth through school age. While expert physical and occupational therapy are provided at all three facilities for pediatrics, the new Northbridge facility has the most expansive pediatric physical and occupational therapy programs. The Milford site also offers a specialized program for children with feeding and swallowing issues.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy specialists aid children in developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Typical activities provided at the Northbridge location include scissor cutting, manipulating play dough and putty, forming letters on an easel, assembling puzzles and practicing self-care skills like putting on a coat. Therapists work with children who need rehab after an injury as well as those with various developmental delays.

Physical Therapy

Expanded space at the new Northbridge facility has translated into an expanded physical therapy program for pediatrics. The new site has a children’s gymnasium and obstacle course that includes a sensory swing, balance beam, therapy balls, a tunnel, trampoline, scooter boards, a basketball area and small toys used to stimulate and motivate the child.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists are available to treat a wide variety of pediatric speech/language dysfunctions. From issues with comprehension, speaking clearly, and ability to express oneself or fluency/stuttering concerns to treatment of issues that arise from prematurity or developmental dysfunctions, like Down’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD and those on the autism spectrum, our speech therapists are there to meet your needs.

Feeding Therapy

For children with feeding and swallowing issues, the Milford site has a pediatric speech pathologist that specializes in this area. While many children can have swallowing problems that arise from other conditions such as cardiac and pulmonary issues, Cerebral Palsy or Down syndrome, many are picky eaters that have a sensory-based feeding issue. The evaluation focuses on oral motor skills, motor development, swallow function, and sensory-based feeding issues.

Read testimonials  from parents about our speech pathologist who specializes in feeding and swallowing issues.

You can find our three locations at:

42 Cape Road, Route 140, next to Papa Ginos, Milford, MA

2 Forge Parkway, just off Route 140, Franklin, MA

100 Commerce Drive, next to Osterman Propane, Northbridge, MA

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Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Picky Eating Child and Mom

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