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Erlene Darcy occupational therapy patientOT Treatment

Erlene fell and broke her arm in three places and was concerned about losing her independence until she started occupational therapy. Read Erlene's Story

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Hand Therapy

hand therapy

Read more about our certified hand therapists and how they may be able to treat your condition. Check out our blog TakeCare

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational therapy helps patients improve their ability to perform everyday occupations in their living and working environments. These can include activities such as using a computer, caring for daily needs, such as dressing, cooking and eating or getting back on the ball field.

Occupational Therapist and patient working on home simulator

Occupational therapy is often confused with physical therapy. Put simply, physical therapy is what gets people up and moving, and occupational therapy is what gets people doing things they need to, once they are up and moving.

Milford Regional’s occupational therapists are experts at making this happen. They help clients to not only improve their basic motor functions and reasoning abilities, but also help them learn how to compensate for permanent loss of function.

Their goal is to help clients have independent, productive and satisfying lives.

Specialized Services we Provide

Work and Daily Living Simulation

In our Milford and Franklin locations, our occupational therapy department has BTE simulators. This machine duplicates hundreds of real world job and daily living functions. It is equipped with a set of comprehensive attachments, such as a steering wheel, door knob and screwdriver to name a few, that mimics patients’ every day activities. It is a key component in rehabilitation of patients that allows them to return safely to their jobs and daily activities.

Hand Therapy

Our staff includes several certified hand therapists who are able to provide evaluation and treatment for a variety of hand diagnoses including pre and post-surgical care, nerve and tendon injuries, fractures, amputations, burns and custom splinting. Milford Regional’s Rehab & Sports Medicine program is one of only a few in the state that has certified hand therapists on staff. Read about a patient who was treated by one of Milford Regional's certified hand therapists.

SAEBO Treatment

The Saebo Arm Training Program is an intensive, specialized treatment approach designed to maximize arm and hand function following a neurological injury such as a stroke. We have several Saebo trained therapists on our staff.

When you are dealing with hand injuries, splinting needs, cognitive/perceptual deficits, gross/fine motor coordination or post-surgical needs, our occupational therapists are the ones you want to see. In addition, if your therapy requires specialized equipment, they will provide assistance in locating and ordering whatever is needed. And even better… in many cases, the equipment is available at one or more of our locations for patients to try out before they purchase it for home use. That’s service!

You can find our three locations at:

42 Cape Road, Route 140, next to Papa Ginos, Milford, MA

2 Forge Parkway, just off Route 140, Franklin, MA

100 Commerce Drive, next to Osterman Propane, Northbridge, MA

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