Industrial Rehabilitation

Functional Work Conditioning Program

In our expanded Franklin complex, Milford Regional now offers an innovative therapy program for patients who have sustained a work related injury.   This Functional Work Conditioning Program was created for those individuals who, upon completion of an acute care course of physical therapy, remain physically unable to tolerate the demands of their job.  It is designed to physically prepare these individuals for a safe and effective return to work.

Through a systematic progression of job simulated activities, the injured worker is able to increase his/her functional strength and endurance while becoming educated on proper posture, body mechanics, flexibility and pacing skills to name a few.  Each patient's program is individually designed based on that patient's physical job demands as related to his/her diagnosis.  Patients are generally treated three times a week for 4-6 weeks with treatments lasting from one to two hours.

Our program has enabled firefighters, carpenters, nurses, masons, police officers, machine operators, landscapers and chefs to return to their pre-injury level of function and get back to work following a work related injury. 

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