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Tom Aitken sports medicine patient

Sports Medicine

Tom hyper-extended his knee while playing Pop Warner football. He recalls running in for a touchdown when he flipped over backwards.Tom saw Dr. Vazquez who pinpointed the hyperextension and Tom was placed in a cast for three weeks, then an immobilizer and treated with physical therapy. Dr. Vazquez treats many patients with sports injuries. Read Tom's story.

Sports Medicine

Several of our orthopedic surgeons specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained while playing sports.  Whether you are injured while playing competitively on a sports team or you have experienced some pain while playing recreational tennis, our orthopedic surgeons can help you. 

Several of the doctors have experience caring for such notable teams as the New York Jets, New York Islanders, LA Dodgers and LA Lakers. They work with athletic coaches at local high schools and colleges to prevent and treat injuries.  Common sports medicine problems include fractures, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder tears, knee tears, muscle strains and sprains, overuse injuries and cases of tendonitis.  Many conditions improve with anti-inflammatory medicine, immobilizing and physical therapy.  When surgery is deemed necessary, arthroscopic surgery is most often the choice, allowing the patient to return home on the same day.

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