Making milk is easy — 10 steps to make plenty of milk

  1. Frequent feeds, not formula. The more often you feed, the more milk you make. If you give formula, your baby will feel too full to nurse frequently.
  2. All you need is breastmilk! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your baby have a diet of purely breastmilk for the first 6 months — no other food or drink is needed.
  3. Feed early and often. Feed at the earliest signs of hunger: if baby’s awake, sucking on hands, moving his mouth or eyes, or stretching.
  4. If he didn’t swallow, he didn’t eat. Listening for the sound of swallowing will help you know if your baby’s getting enough.
  5. Say “No” to pacifiers and bottles. If pacifiers and bottles are used when your baby is hungry, you may not be nursing often enough to make plenty of milk.
  6. Sleep near your baby and nurse lying down. You can rest while you feed your baby!
  7. Have baby’s mouth open wide like a shout, with lips flipped out.The tip of your nipple should be in the back of his throat. He should be directly facing you chest-to-chest, chin-to-breast. Proper positioning prevents sore nipples.
  8. Watch the baby, not the clock. Feed your baby when she’s hungry, and switch sides when swallowing slows down or she takes herself off the breast.
  9. Go everywhere! Plan to take your newborn everywhere with you for the first several weeks.
  10. Don’t wait to ask for help, if you need it. If you wait too long to get the help you need, it may be harder to breastfeed. Stick with it – it’s worth it!

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