• Baby’s lips are around the nipple AND the areola, not just the nipple.
  • The top lip will be closer to the nipple, and some areola shows above top lip.
  • More areola is taken in with the lower lip than the top lip.
  • Baby’s chin is close against breast.
  • Baby’s lips are “flanged,” not tucked in.
  • Some babies swallow too quietly to hear, so listen for a slight pause in baby’s breathing which shows he or she is swallowing.
  • You see a “wiggle” at the junction of baby’s temples and ears.
  • Baby has enough wet and dirty diapers.


  • You feel pain.
  • You hear clicking or sucking noises.
  • Your baby comes off easily from the breast.
  • Your baby swallows little or not at all at the breast.
  • Baby’s lips are tucked in instead of turned out (flanged).
  • Your nipple is flattened or creased after feeding.
  • Baby does not have enough wet or dirty diapers.

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