The Snuggle Squad

The Snuggle Squad

is available 7 days a week from 6AM to 10AM and 9PM to 1 AM

Hours will be extended as our Snuggle Squad grows.

Milford Regional's Snuggle Squad is a group of highly trained volunteers who help new parents with infants who are rooming in, as well as help the Maternity nursing staff with cuddling infants that must stay in the Nursery when parents aren’t able to be at their bedside.

Our Snuggle Squad Volunteers are Carefully Chosen

The director of The Maternity Center and director of Volunteer Services
interview all Snuggle Squad applicants. Once accepted, each Snuggle Squad
Volunteer attends comprehensive training with hands-on skill stations.

What Can The Snuggle Squad do for Your Baby?

Snuggle SquadThe Snuggle Squad is here to help mothers who have their baby rooming in with them. When a support person is not staying with the mother, The Snuggle Squad minimizes the time the infant needs to be sent to the nursery, where the bright lights and multiple stimuli decrease a newborn’s ability to rest comfortably. When an infant must spend time in the nursery, The Snuggle Squad is here to help comfort a fussy infant who cannot rest easily.

The Snuggle Squad can be called upon to do the following...

• Hand an infant to a mother who is not able to get out of bed
• Place an infant back into a bassinette
• Swaddle an infant in our Halo Sleep Sacks
• Change an infant’s diaper
• Care for an infant if mom has been discharged or must leave her room for appointments.

The Snuggle Squad is also here to hold a newborn when mom could use some much-needed sleep.

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