Emergency Department

Emergency Department

Milford Regional Medical Center has one of the busiest emergency departments (ED) in central Massachusetts. The demand for our emergency services has been soaring – from 38,000 patients in 2000 to 56,000 last year. Looking ahead, patient visits in the ED are projected to rise to 70,000 as the local population continues to grow and the Baby Boomers age. For these reasons, we have recently undergone a very large building project which includes a much needed expansion of the emergency department.

Efficient and Flexible Rooms

We have increased the ED from 30 to 52 beds and doubled its size to nearly 30,000 square feet. This will allow us to accommodate state-of-the-art technologies and increase patient comfort while maintaining high-quality care.

The new ED provides greater efficiency and flexibility to offer a quieter, safer environment and a faster visit for patients with less critical needs. Efforts to improve patient flow over the past year has significantly reduced the time it takes to see a doctor or get moved to a room upon admission. The staff has developed a “rapid medical evaluation” area where patients with less severe problems like sore throats, coughs or sprained ankles are quickly seen during peak hours. The new three-bed area reserved for simpler, quicker treatments can be quickly expanded to up to 10 beds when needed, but convert to other uses when not.

ED waiting roomThe new design has a much bigger waiting room, or waiting rooms — welcoming spaces that include a separate area for younger patients that looks and feels more like a pediatrician’s office. That waiting room directly connects to five treatment rooms just for children.

In the main care area, we have set aside eight beds for the growing number of patients coming in with mental health or substance abuse problems, with two more available as needed.

New Ed exam roomFinally, rooms provide family space to allow them to stay with their loved one. The ED will also improve efficiency with its own diagnostic rooms for X-rays and other scans. In addition, some rooms are fitted with special lifts and other features to accommodate the needs of heavier patients and give them a more dignified experience.

Highly Experienced Medical Staff

In the emergency department, all 22 physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine, with a specialist in pediatric care and three specializing in accidental poisonings and other toxicology cases. Unlike other emergency departments that rely on residents, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to cover the ED’s around-the-clock schedule, there is always an emergency medicine physician present in Milford Regional’s ED with up to five working the busiest shifts.

Read patient testimonials about our emergency physicians and nurses.

Boston Children's physician with pediatric patientWhen your child needs emergency care, you know they’ll get the best care possible when it matters most. Boston Children’s physicians collaborate with Milford Regional’s emergency medicine physicians and nurses to ensure exceptional child-focused care.

The emergency department is supported by a complete range of consultant specialist services, including cardiology, surgery, medicine, intensive care, orthopedics, obstetrics/gynecology and more. Riverside Community Care provides emergency psychiatric service at all hours and can be reached at 508-634-3420.

Emergency Department Services

Emergency care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all patients who enter the emergency department for evaluation and treatment.

Milford Regional is a Primary Stroke Service Hospital. The emergency department provides state-of-the-art treatment for acute stroke symptoms and our Telestroke service allows us to contact specialists from Boston during all hours of the night when needed.

The Hospital has advanced cardiac monitoring capability, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on the premises, as well as computed tomography (CT), x-ray and ultrasound within the emergency department for easy access when needed.

A helicopter pad is available for swift and safe patient transfer to other facilities when necessary.

SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Program is available to protect, evaluate, and treat sexual assault victims. This program focuses on concern for the victim and is carefully designed to not traumatize them any further. The program has a certified registered nurse who has completed special training in medical, legal, forensics, and psychology.

The goal of our new ED was to create a quieter, welcoming place that boosts efficiency while maintaining high quality care. We want to make the environment as calm as possible and want people to feel confident that they’re being treated in one of the most state-of-the-art facilities around.

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