Vascular Lab

patient in vascular lab being testedMilford Regional's expansion of the ultrasound department created space for a dedicated Vascular Lab with new top-of-the-line equipment for arterial testing.  The Park Flow Lab equipment measures blood flow in the extremities.  

Peripheral artery disease is a serious but treatable circulation problem in which the vessels that supply blood flow to your legs and arms are narrowed.  Symptoms of peripheral artery disease include pain or discomfort when exercising or just walking.  You may also experience intermittent pain while doing less strenuous activities, or general weakness in your legs or arms. The pain could be in your feet, calves, thighs, hips or buttocks, upper or lower arm, depending on where you might have artery narrowing.

The new tests we can perform with the Park Flow Lab equipment include:

Non-invasive lower arterial exam – uses blood pressure cuffs (no needles, dyes, radiation or anesthesia) on the legs to measure the blood flow through the arteries.  If the toes are a concern, a test can be added to include blood flow in the toes.

Non-invasive upper arterial exam- same as above, but testing is done on the arms.  If the fingers are being affected, a test can be added to include blood flow in the fingers.

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