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Intelligent Ultrasound System--

Imagine viewing your yet-to-be-born baby as though he/she is being held in your arms… you’d swear it is a home video! 4D (or real-time 3D) images such as these are possible at Milford Regional our Philips Medical Systems’  iU22 intelligent ultrasound systems. This medical equipment delivers revolutionary performance with the latest breakthroughs in high definition imaging and diagnostic capabilities.

Ultrasound, which uses high-frequency sound waves to produce moving images of the body’s internal soft tissue structures, has been used for diagnostic purposes since the 1940s. Because it is non-invasive, it can be used in the most delicate conditions without side effects. Images are projected electronically onto a viewing monitor through “echoes” that are transmitted by a device called a transducer, which is placed directly on top of the skin with a gel.

4D image of fetusMilford Regional’s iU22 ultrasound system far surpasses yesterday’s standard because of its unprecedented image quality and sensitivity which leads to earlier detection and treatment for patients. The new, high performance transducers allow for greater penetration and resolution, providing never-before-seen detail. The depth of the sound waves’ penetration is able to identify tumors, masses and other abnormalities which were unable to be detected before. Plus, the image’s high resolution provides unparalleled clarity and, ultimately, increased accuracy and precision. In addition, the extraordinary processing capability allows clinicians to explore new applications such as real-time 3D and 4D images of the fetal heart.

Early clinical use indicates the following advancements offered through this ultrasound system:

  • Helps patients and their physician better visualize and understand their condition
  • Helps identify the nature of suspicious breast lesions sooner
  • Enhances diagnostic capability, thus reducing or eliminating the need for more expensive or invasive tests or procedures
  • Provides clearer ultrasound images, especially in difficult-to-image patients
  • Guides catheters and needles in 3D space without radiation exposure

woman receiving ultrasound testFar greater detection and highly advanced image clarity through a completely non-invasive procedure without the use of radiation is the wonder behind this ultrasound system. From earlier and clearer detection of fetal abnormalities to the discovery of a tiny tumor or mass, this technology ensures quicker diagnosis and treatment.  The depth of the sound waves’ penetration picks up tumors, masses and other abnormalities that were unable to be detected before.



To schedule an appointment, call our Diagnostic Imaging Scheduling Center at:
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Location availability may be limited due to the type of ultrasound ordered.  A scheduling representative can assist you with your location options.

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