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  • Therapeutic Qi Gong

    Manage stress and improve your overall well-being with qi gong. This ancient practice may have other health benefits to those with cardiovascular disease, chronic illness, and joint and back pain.

  • Zumba®

    Zoom into Zumba®! Lift your spirits and get your heart pumping with this Latin-inspired dance fitness program. No dance skills are required!

  • Ease Into Fitness

    An exercise class for those just beginning or returning to exercise, designed to ease you into a new, healthy, active routine!

  • Fun & Functional

    A fitness class to help you through your daily activities, increase stamina and build strength. Gain core stability, muscle strength and cardio vascular benefits.

  • Pilates 101

    This basic Pilates class will strengthen your core, improve your balance and condition your body.

  • Kundalini Yoga

    Center yourself with this meditative and gentle form of yoga. A combination of stretching, chanting and breathwork promotes relaxation and works the entire mind-body system.

  • Cardio, Core & Conditioning

    Build strength and burn calories right out of the gate with this hour-long class that is an all-around winner for a total-body workout!

  • Mindfully Mixed Yoga

    New to yoga? Grab a mat or chair for this beginner’s yoga class. Experience the benefits of yoga for both your mind and body.

  • Total Hip Replacement Class

    Pre-surgical requirement for elective total hip replacement surgery.

  • Total Knee Replacement Class

    Pre-surgical requirement for elective knee replacement surgery.

Page of 2, showing items 1-10 of 14.
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