Published on February 26, 2020

The Center for Pain Medicine Opens at Milford Regional

A new clinic has opened at Milford Regional Medical Center offering a comprehensive approach to pain management focused on alleviating symptoms, restoring function and encouraging emotional health.

Brigham and Women’s Center for Pain Medicine at Milford is located in the Hill Health Center, and is led by Medical Director Victor Wang, MD, PhD. 

Dr. Wang is a neurologist who specializes in pain medicine - including chronic issues such as low back, neck and joint pain - with a “whole person approach” to treating his patients. Under his direction, the Center for Pain Medicine offers a multi-disciplinary team approach that works with primary care physicians, spine surgeons and other specialists to provide a thorough and individually tailored program for patients to manage their pain.

Dr. Wang earned a degree in animal physiology and neuroscience, and a degree in psychology from the University of California at San Diego. He later completed a combined MD/PhD in the Medical Scholars Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He performed a neurology residency at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and a pain medicine fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Dr. Wang is board certified in both neurology and pain medicine and holds appointment in both the anesthesiology and neurology departments at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In addition, Dr. Wang is an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

 At the Center for Pain Medicine, the team offers services that include anesthesiology, psychiatry, psychology, nursing, neurology and physical therapy to treat a variety of conditions including back pain, abdominal pain, vascular pain, headaches, neuropathic pain, neck pain, pancreatitis, pelvic pain, cancer pain, peripheral neuropathy and chronic post-surgical pain.

While pain is personal and varies from patient to patient, Dr. Wang’s goal remains the same – to help each patient improve.

 “I try to look at the whole patient, and I bring a different approach to pain – not only how the patient defines the pain, but how I interpret the symptoms. It’s about the physician’s experience and the patient’s experience in their life,” says Dr. Wang.  “You always have to discuss with the patient their expectations, but my goal is to see improvement, however you may define that for yourself, so you can ultimately have a better quality of life.”

“We are pleased to offer pain management services to our patients with the opening of Brigham and Women’s Center for Pain Management at Milford,” says Edward J. Kelly, President & CEO, Milford Regional Medical Center. “Dr. Wang is a highly respected physician whose unique approach to pain management will provide physical and emotional relief to patients across our region.”


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