Published on October 21, 2014

Milford Regional Opens New Medical Facility in Northbridge

Northbridge Medical FacilityMilford Regional Medical Center recently opened a brand new medical building in Northbridge where area residents can go for physician appointments, lab work, X-rays, rehabilitation and even job-related medical evaluations. Named Milford Regional in the Blackstone Valley, this 23,000 square foot building is located at 100 Commerce Drive, just east of Route 122 on Church Street Extension.

The new medical facility houses two Tri-County Medical Associates (TCMA) physician practices, as well as several Milford Regional Medical Center services. Previously located just minutes down the street at the former Whitinsville Medical Center,  greater square footage, improved parking and new state-of-the art equipment are just a few of the highlights seen at the new Northbridge location.

Familiar to many in the Blackstone Valley, Tri-County's two physician practice groups, namely Blackstone Valley Family Physicians and Blackstone Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology, have been providing the highest quality care to the region for years. The Family Practice group includes five board-certified doctors that are trained to care for all members of the family from birth through the elder years, while the OB/GYN group has two board-certified doctors committed to providing exceptional health care to women in the Blackstone Valley.

The two TCMA physician practice groups are joined in the new medical facility by several Milford Regional Medical Center services that were also available at the previous location including: Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine; a radiography room that provides X-ray services with the latest wireless/digital technology;  an outpatient lab that accepts physician orders from any practice, not just those affiliated with the hospital; and a multi-purpose room for fitness classes and community programs. New to the area and benefiting businesses throughout the Blackstone Valley is Milford Regional's occupational health service called TeamWork.

Terri Ryan, supervisor of Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, is particularly thrilled about the enhanced layout of Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, which had an elevator shaft, stairwell and hallways taking up valuable space in the previous facility.  "Although it's still about 6,000 square feet, now we have functional square footage that is patient-oriented," Terri explains. "We were able to make it our own."

 One addition to the rehab clinic is pediatric gym space with equipment such as a sensory swing, balance beam and balls. "When you're treating two, three and four-year-olds with multiple diagnoses, to hold their attention, you don't want to put them with other patients where there is activity going on," notes Terri. "We needed a quieter and bigger space. They'll be able to get more meaningful treatment in an area that's meant just for them."

New bikes with TV screens, a leg press machine, and a 45-foot running lane now complement the treadmills, bikes and elliptical brought over from their previous site.

"The lane is used for sprints to get our athletes back to doing some running and we also use it for gait training," Terri explains. "It's a quiet place where people can concentrate on learning to walk again and use crutches and walkers without the confusion of a big clinic."

With another physical therapist added to the staff, Terri now has seven physical therapists, two occupational therapists, and a speech therapist on hand. The clinic has 13 treatment rooms, three more than before, and each has a computer allowing therapists to access the recently installed electronic medical record system.

For more information on Milford Regional in the Blackstone Valley, go to Milford Regional's website at and click on the large banner at the top of the homepage that notes the facility's name.

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