Published on January 16, 2012

Milford Regional Offers New Lung Cancer Screening Test

Milford Regional Medical Center is offering a new CT (CAT) scan test to screen for lung cancer. Recent studies have shown that screening smokers and ex-smokers with a chest CT scan increases the survival rate for lung cancer by 20%. Individuals with a smoking history of 30 or more years are eligible for the scan. Other criterion includes your age as well as your smoking, medical and family history.

A CT scan is an imaging exam that uses x-rays guided by a computer to take detailed images of a part of the body. You are briefly exposed to radiation during the CT scan but doctors believe that the CT scan gives enough needed information to outweigh the risk. You will be exposed to less than 1/4 of the radiation of a standard CT scan of the chest. “Lung cancer screening and follow-up with an expert team may provide the greatest advance in lung cancer survival in decades,” says pulmonologist Frederick J. Curley, MD. “Milford Regional has the expertise to start this now.”

Those interested in having the lung cancer screening CT should talk to their doctor. Scheduling an appointment at Milford Regional’s diagnostic imaging department requires a physician’s order. Currently, insurance does not cover the cost of this test.

For more information on the lung cancer screening test, go to the Lung Cancer Screening page.

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