Mission Statement

Our Mission

Milford Regional Medical Center is committed to providing exceptional healthcare services to our community with dignity, compassion and respect.

Operating Principles

Exceptional Healthcare Services

Our focus is on continually improving the quality of our services in order to provide the best services we can with our resources.

This means a focus on our patients as our customers, in the sense of seeking their satisfaction with us.  It means a focus on teamwork by the staff of the various departments that together provide care to our customers. We believe our staff does its best when work is done collaboratively, because so much of what one discipline does relates to the other. We seek to identify our internal customers and meet their expectations as part of this process.

We see teaching and education as part of our mission. Along with our house staff training program in Emergency, Internal and Family Practice Medicine with the University of Massachusetts, our training responsibilities also extend to nurses, to laboratory, radiology and respiratory personnel and to a variety of other professional groups.

We see the selection, development and continuing education of our staff as central to our mission to assure qualified caregivers.

We seek to provide state-of-the-art services and leading technology. We focus on providing a safe environment for our patients and staff.

We collaborate with our communities to assess health needs, including health status indicators as a basis for planning our healthcare services. Milford Regional seeks to serve as a catalyst and leader to address these needs with other healthcare providers and community groups in order to improve the health status of the residents of our communities.

We seek to measure in a meaningful way, both internally and by benchmarking to other hospitals, to improve patient outcomes so that our customers can enjoy a healthy life. We also seek to work toward nationally established health status standards to improve the health of the members of our communities.

We seek to continually evaluate and improve our systems and our timeliness for providing care.

We strive to care for our patients ethically, developing and refining our sensitivities to treatment and end-of-life decisions.

When we talk about our “healthcare services” we are talking about inpatient, outpatient and educational services that we provide to our communities at our various locations. We see our services as patient-centered services and strive to make them accessible, convenient and cost-effective to our customers.

We seek to prevent illness and promote the health of the residents of our communities, as well as to treat the illness of our patients.


Milford Regional Medical Center is the community hospital caring for residents of our 20-plus town service area. We strive to be responsive to our various and diverse constituencies – individuals and families of all ages, employees and employers of large and small businesses, physicians and other healthcare providers, our school systems, our local and area officials and safety personnel, churches, community organizations, our insurers and payers and our own employees and volunteers. As a charitable hospital, we acknowledge our special concern for the needs of the underserved, especially the poor and minority populations.


We seek to provide our services so that our customers’ physical and mental needs are handled with confidentiality and in such a manner to increase, rather than diminish, a sense of personal dignity. This requires facilities in their design and maintenance and staff in their professional demeanor and polite attitude that support this operating principle.

We strive to assure patient autonomy in identifying and responding to our patients.


We seek to provide our services in a manner that empathizes with our customers whose symptoms and conditions we diagnose assess and treat. This also requires facilities in their design and maintenance and staff in their understanding demeanor and caring attitude that can provide comfort and support.

We seek to be sensitive to patients’ needs and the value of family involvement in patient care by maintaining open communications and fostering the importance of seeing others’ perspectives. We expect ourselves to be attentive and responsive to our patients.


The concept of respect is similar in meaning to dignity and compassion; we seek to emphasize these qualities as ones that are close to our mission as a community hospital. We focus on respect as a more active process between staff and customer and also among staff. Respect reflects concern for the individual and for each other. Respect manifests itself in good-natured humor and many other ways. We seek to treat our external customers – our patients, and our internal customers – our staff, with respect.

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