Board of Trustees

Milford Regional Medical Center is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees which includes representatives of the communities we serve. The Board, which holds a fiduciary responsibility for the integrity, financial health and quality of care at Milford Regional, works closely with Milford Regional’s senior leadership team and Medical Staff to develop the Medical Center’s overall strategic direction to ensure its fiscal stability and to monitor the quality of care and services provided throughout the system. The trustees volunteer their time and expertise, and support the Medical Center’s mission of providing exceptional healthcare services to our community with dignity, compassion and respect.

Milford Regional Medical Center, Inc., 2021 Board of Trustees

Laura A. Mann, Chair
Anthony M. Consigli, Vice Chair
Jeffrey B. Hopkins, MD, Clerk
Gordon A. Lewis, Treasurer
Edward J. Kelly, President & Chief Executive Officer
James N. Papadakos, Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer

Barbara A. Auger
Vascen J. Bogigian
Denise H. Brookhouse
Richard J. Daly, MD
Paul E. Darcy, MD
Shefali Desai
Jamie E. Doucette
Brian J. Earley
Robert L. Kilroy
Linda M. Mancini
William G. Muller, MD
Beverly A. Swymer

Trustees Emeritus
John J. Burns
William G. Burrill
Nancy F. Gannett
William B. Gannett
John A. Rauth
The Honorable Francis J. Larkin

Senior Leadership

Milford Regional Medical Center’s senior leadership team in collaboration with the Medical Staff and working with staff throughout the organization ensures the successful implementation of Milford Regional Medical Center’s strategic plan and provides oversight for the day-to-day operations at the Medical Center.

Edward J. Kelly, President & Chief Executive Officer, Milford Regional Medical Center
Patrick R. McSweeney, MD, President, Milford Regional Physician Group
Peter B. Smulowitz, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer
Nicole A. Thyne, Executive Vice-President & COO
James N. Papadakos, Executive Vice-President & CFO
Judy M. Kelly, Vice-President of Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer
Bert A. Thurlo-Walsh, Chief Quality Officer, Vice-President for Clinical Transformation & Medical Staff Services
Alice D. Hall, Vice-President, Human Resources
Terri L. McDonald, Vice-President, Public Relations, Marketing & Communications 
Emily J. Quinn, Vice-President of Philanthropy & Executive Director

Medical Staff Leadership

Jeanne M. McCoy, MD, President
Abigail M. Childs, MD, Immediate Past President
Richard J. Daly, MD, Vice-President/MEC Chair
Louis M. Jurist, MD, Secretary/Treasurer

Milford Regional Medical Center’s corporate body also includes Milford Regional Physician Group, Inc. and Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation, Inc. Both entities report to Milford Regional Medical Center’s Board of Trustees.

Milford Regional Physician Group, Inc., 2021 Board of Trustees

Kevin P. Meehan, Chair
William G. Burrill, Clerk
Edward J. Kelly, President & Chief Executive Officer MRMC
Patrick R. McSweeney, MD, President, Milford Regional Physician Group
Jane R. Curl, MD
Jeffrey B. Hopkins, MD
Robert L. Kilroy
Tina M. Robakiewicz, MD

Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation, Inc., 2021 Board of Trustees

Shefali Desai, Chair
Michael G. Carroll, Vice Chair
Edward J. Kelly, President & Chief Executive Officer
James N. Papadakos, Treasurer
Bill Fredericks, Clerk
Emily J. Quinn, Executive Director


Mark A. Abate
Vascen J. Bogigian 
Christina W. Brabazon  
Vanessa E. Burrill 
Alberto A. Correia
Robert P. DeVita
Thomas J. Evans, MD
Matthew R. Fisher
Christopher D. Foley
Julie A. Burgey Kehoe
Tony Khoury
Scott Lerner
Kevin W. Lobisser
William G. Muller, MD 
Jeffrey D. Nutting
John Peters III
Lynn Tokarczyk
Doreen T. Trottier

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