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American Cancer Society

  • Reach to Recovery breast cancer mentoring program
  • Mentoring and support program for breast cancer patients’ spouses/partners

Hockomock Area YMCA

  • LIVESTRONG strength/fitness program for cancer survivors


  • Yoga program to improve strength/sense of well being for breast cancer patients

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“Overwhelmed” and “fearful” were the words 53-year-old Deb Newman uses to describe how she felt when the radiologist at Milford Regional told her she needed a breast biopsy. “How am I going to deal with this?” she thought.

Fortunately, the Hopedale resident was referred to The Breast Center at Milford Regional. There, she received much more than an exam and surgery date, for The Breast Center provides an entirely unique multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to breast health that includes continuing education, awareness of the Best Practice standards, twice-monthly interdisciplinary breast conferences, internal quality and outcome studies, clinical trials and surveillance. Plus, The Breast Center’s team of experts includes specialists from Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center at Milford Regional.

Deb knew she was in good hands. However, what she didn’t realize was the critical role a new key player in The Breast Center would play moving forward. Enter Kimberly Maurer, RN, nurse navigator. She is the constant liaison between the patient and all of the Breast Center services (imaging, biopsies, education, social support, exercise programs) and providers (physicians, other nurses, therapists). The navigator provides guidance, education and ensures that all of our patients are aware of and can access the resources we have available to them.

Kimberly was perfectly suited to fill the role as nurse navigator. Not only did she bring 16 years of valuable nursing experience to the position, her greatest strength is her incredible compassion which provides tremendous support to patients and their families.

When Deb arrived at the Women’s Pavilion the day of her biopsy, Kimberly was there to meet her. She stayed with her throughout the entire experience. “She was so kind and supportive,” Deb recalls. “She became a familiar face that day. It made an impression.”

Before and after the surgery, Kimberly was there to provide comfort and reassurance. “When I was cold, she got me a warm blanket,” Deb states. “Her emotional support was as equally important to me as the physical support of the nurses and staff.”

Kimberly Maurer, RN and Deb Newman Kimberly Maurer, RN (left) and Breast Center patient Deb Newman

Upon discharge, it was Kimberly who pushed Deb’s wheelchair down to the main lobby, and Kimberly was there to give Deb a big hug when she was given the good news that the biopsy came back negative. “I had an emotional connection with her,” Deb explains. “She was there for me repeatedly. It was so helpful.”

Today, Deb Newman is back living her full and active life. Still, she will always be grateful that during one of her darkest times, she had Kimberly, The Breast Center’s nurse navigator, with her to provide reassurance and comfort. “We shared tears of fear and then tears of joy together,” she reminisces. “It was nice having that familiar face.”

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