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Visiting Hours

Pediatrics Visiting Hours for parents and siblings are anytime. All other visitors may come between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Intensive Care Unit Visiting Hours are for immediate family only with a 24-hour open policy. Please keep your visit brief and limit it to two visitors at a time. Additional visiting arrangements may be made with the approval of the Intensive Care nursing staff.

Maternity Department Visiting Hours are 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Visitors are limited to three (3) at a time. Husbands or significant others may visit at any time. Grandparents and siblings of the infant may visit after the first two hours of birth and then any time during the first 18 hours after the infant’s birth. General maternity department visiting hours must be adhered to thereafter. Children under 14 years old, other than siblings of the infant, are not allowed to visit.

Laboring patients are allowed one (1) visitor (husband or significant other). If there are extenuating circumstances, the decision to allow other visitors will be made among the patient, nurse and physician. Visitors may be asked to leave at the physician’s or nurse’s discretion as warranted by the patient’s condition. Visitors not actively supporting the patient are expected to remain in a designated lounge area.

After-hours Visitors must enter through the Emergency Department entrance. Approval for visits must be obtained from the Nursing Supervisor. The exceptions are for ICU and Maternity visitors, who must first obtain approval from ICU or Maternity charge nurse and then notify Nursing Supervisor.

Please note that Milford Regional policy prohibits the delivery of latex balloons to hospital patients or personnel, and visitors bringing them into the hospital will be asked to discard them. Mylar balloons are acceptable.

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